WP3: Safe road side strategy

The main factors contributing to roadside risk and measures to reduce the risk will be identified from analysing the output of WP1 and WP2. Considering those factors and measures, a methodology to assess roadside risk will be developed. Furthermore, an Excel based tool will be developed to allow road authorities to use the assessment methodology and to obtain recommendations for the most effective road safety strategy for road side design and management. The tool will be primarily for decision support and will make use of various algorithms describing prevailing conditions and leading to the safest and most effective treatment given the prevailing conditions or design parameters.

5 different tasks will be carried out in this work package:

  • Identification of contributory factors which affect the roadside risk
  • Identification of mitigation measures and processes which can reduce the roadside risk
  • Development of roadside risk approach assessment methodology
  • Development of roadside risk approach assessment tool
  • Report and draft user manual