PROGReSS questionnaire

As an integral part of the PROGReSS project the team is trying to establish the experiences of road authorities with respect to roadside design and management. To facilitate this we request your co-operation in completing an online questionnaire as outlined in the original project plan and communicated to CEDR members by the Chairman of the CEGR WG on Road safety, Mr Herman Moning.

The questionnaire has been designed to collect the experiences of National and other rural Road Authorities and practitioners in Europe with regards to the application and use of design standards and guidelines regulating road side verges alongside rural roads with speeds limits higher than 70km/h and generally includes the higher order roads. The funding countries for the PROGRESS project are: Belgium (Flanders), Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The online survey can be completed on behalf of your (national) road authority and by following the link below.

The Provision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety (PROGReSS)

Participants are invited to register on the project website to view the latest updates on the PROGRESS project and to participate in discussions on the online forum.