WP2: Road authority review: road side design and operations

As part of WP2, personal interviews with representatives of National Road Authorities in the participating countries (i.e. those funding this research programme)  and Germany and Portugal will be carried out.  Moreover, online questionnaires will be designed and distributed to road authorities in other European countries. To support the online (internet based) questionnaire a user forum has been provided on the website. This can be used by road authorities to raise issues of concern related to road side design and maintenance in general or to get clarity on matters related to the questionnaire in particular (see also WP6 dealing with Dissemination) . Answers to those questionnaires will be used to describe the analyses and needs in the current practice regarding road side design and maintenance. In addition a framework will be developed for future guidelines.

This work package has 6  tasks:

  • Questionnaire survey design (Personal and internet)
  • Survey among EU road authorities and practitioners
  • Establishment of planned road side and other projects
  • Analysis and needs specification
  • Development of a framework for road side safety guidelines (design, operation, maintenance (incl. road worker safety))
  • Reporting