No. Deliverable Name Description Due date and responsible partner
1.1 Roadside safety elements, state or the art report State of the art report describing international and European practices regarding roadside management and safety 30/04/2018
2.1 Application of roadside design and maintenance standards and guidelines among European road authorities This report presents the results of the surveys among road authorities and practitioners in Europe and establishes the needs of the NRA’s for  improvement 30/08/2018
3.1 Roadside Risk Assessment tool An easy to use roadside safety assessment tool incorporating the currents standards, guidelines and  practices and decision support algorithms will be developed to help NRAs and designers carry out assessments of road side safety design and operation. 30/09/2018
3.2 Recommendations and RRAT User guide A report providing recommendations for improvements to current roadside design standards and guidelines and incorporating a user manual for conducting assessments and evaluations of design and operational elements related to road verges and along roadsides. 31/10/2018
4.1 Pilots using the RRAT This report describes the results of the pilot projects in which the adapted design and management procedures and assessment tools have been applied. 2019-064-30
5.1 Final report The final report consolidates the results of all the work packages and makes the final recommendations regarding improving the application of standards and guidelines in roadside design and management. 30/08/2019
5.2 Implementation plan An implementation plan describing the logical steps to improve the application and use of standards and guidelines in roadside design and management through the use of the assessment tools and methodologies developed in PROGReSS. 30/08/2019
6.1 PROGReSS website Launch of PROGReSS website 31/10/2017
6.2 Roadside assessment course Development and presentation of a tailor made course aimed at presenting the methodologies and tools developed for assessing and evaluating roadside design and management alternatives. 31/07/2019